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New Year! New Drama Free Zone!

I’m back! Or so I think! I must apologize for not writing as often as I should. So let me explain. You see, what had happened was…..a little thing called writers block! Well, not such a little thing, actually it was a major thing! And when it happens to me, it can last for quite a while. We all made it through the holidays with almost all of our faculties intact and now it’s a new year! Yea!!!! I don’t know about you, but I have high hopes for this year. The last few years  have been full of change and more change, to acceptance. So this year it’s time to break out and dust off all the crap that kept us from fulfilling, living life to it’s fullest, learning to say “no” sometimes, and the biggie…drama! I have declared my life both person and professionally, a Drama Free Zone!

But (you know there is always a but!) there is something about the start of a new year that brings out all of the hope one can muster. This year I made plans for the year and I started off on the run, vowing to stay on task and not waste any time. So far, so good. I cleaned house on many things in my life in order to simplify and have less drama! But even the best of plans can sometimes go a little off track! The first week of my new year, new Drama Free Zone came with Drama! At the very site of it, I professed, oh h*%^^ no! Not here, this is a DRAMA FREE ZONE! GET OUT! Surprisingly it worked. So I think I had a light bulb moment…I think I screamed so loudly that even the universe took notice and drama promptly tucked it’s tale and when about it’s business. Oh, I’m sure it will try to return, but it better be ready, because this is a DRAMA FREE ZONE and we are not playing that game this year!

So how about you? How’s your health? Have you declared a Drama Free Zone in your life? If not try it, you’ll get that same euphoric feeling that comes with setting boundaries, you’ll feel in control of your life! And, that’s a great feeling!

I’d love to know how you’re taking control this year of your health and well being so please share! Talk again soon!