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Signs and Symptoms of Male Breast Cancer

Signs and symptoms of male breast cancer by alvis walter

Male breast cancer is a cancer that occurs in the breast tissue of men. Breast cancer is often viewed as a woman’s disease. However, male breast cancer does occur to a significant extent. It is important to know the symptoms of male breast cancer. The disease is more pronounced in elderly men. However, it can occur at any age.

Men diagnosed with male breast cancer are at a good chance for cure if it is detected at an early stage. The symptoms of male breast cancer must not be ignored. A breast lump is the most common symptom. Most cases are diagnosed when the disease has reached an advanced state.

The following are some of the symptoms of male breast cancer:

A lump that is painless in nature

Thickening of the breast tissue

The skin covering the breast undergoes dimpling, puckering, redness, or scaling.

Nipple may turn inward. Redness and scaling is also possible.

Discharge from the nipple

Consult a doctor if signs and symptoms persist.

The causes of male breast cancer are not very clear. Breast cells that grow abnormally are an indicator for male breast cancer. These cells tend to divide more quickly than healthy cells. The cells that accumulate form a tumor that may spread to a nearby tissue, lymph nodes, or other body parts.

All individuals are born with a certain amount of breast tissue. The tissue is comprised of lobules, which are milk-producing glands. The lobules are ducts that transport milk to the nipples. Women develop much more breast tissue during puberty in comparison with men. Men can develop breast cancer due to a small presence of breast tissue.

The following are the types of breast cancer in men:

1. Cancer of the milk ducts: Ductal carcinoma is the most common form of male breast cancer. Almost all male breast cancers originate in the breast ducts.

2. Cancer of the milk-producing glands: Lobular carcinoma is not a common characteristic in men as they have few lobules in the breast tissue.

3. Cancer that spreads to the nipple: In some instances, breast cancer can originate in the ducts but spread to the nipples. This can cause scaly skin around the nipple. This is also known as Paget’s disease.

Genes that increase the risk of breast cancer

In some cases, men inherit genetic mutations from their parents, which increase the risk of breast cancer. A mutation in a specific gene known as BRCA2 can increase the risk of breast and prostrate cancer. Generally, this gene helps in prevention of cancer by the production of proteins that prevent cells from growing abnormally. However, once they undergo mutation their roles change.

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Black Women Wait Longer for Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment

THURSDAY, April 22 (HealthDay News) — Black breast cancer patients have to wait longer for diagnosis and treatment than white patients, regardless of insurance status, a new U.S. study finds.

Researchers from the GW Cancer Institute looked at 581 breast cancer patients who were examined between 1997 and 2009 at seven hospitals and clinics in Washington, D.C. and found that:

  • Insured black women and uninsured white women waited more than twice as long to be given a definitive breast cancer diagnosis than insured white women.
  • Lack of health insurance slowed the speed of diagnosis among white patients, but having insurance did not lead to quicker diagnosis among insured black women.
  • Overall, black patients waited twice as long as white patients to begin treatment after breast cancer diagnosis.

“We thought having health insurance would even the field and that insured black women would have had the same rate of evaluation as insured white women, but that was not the case in our study,” Heather Hoffman, an assistant professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, said a news release from the school.

The findings highlight the need for improved outreach and other types of assistance for black patients.

“Black women should be the focus of breast cancer screening outreach and follow-up because they experience greater delays in diagnosis and in treatment than white women, regardless of insurance status,” Hoffman said. “We need to determine what other barriers contribute to diagnosis and treatment delays in insured black women and all uninsured women.”

New IPhone App—Breast Health GPS, A very cool tool!

“Breast Health GPS,” Pinpoints Medical Facilities and Provides Access to Latest Research

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The new IPhone app is free and was developed by the Breast Health & Healing Foundation, (BHH&F), a 501(3)(c) non-profit foundation founded by Dr. Kathleen T. Ruddy, a breast cancer surgeon.

Using the Breast Health GPS is easy. Once you’ve downloaded the app onto your IPhone, click on the main icon to reveal medical facilities close to your current location or enter an area code to find a facility anywhere in the U.S. In addition the app contains other important features. Among them is a direction link to the Breast Health and Healing Foundation’s website, an important resource providing critical information about women’s health, Dr Ruddy’s blog and up-to-date information about the progress of breast cancer research that is bringing us closer to finding a cure.

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Promoting research is at the core of what BHH&F is all about. The mission of the foundation is to discover the causes of breast cancer and to use that knowledge to prevent the disease. The foundation supports research pursuing the underlying causes of the disease so that some day breast cancer will be thing of the past.

Everyday breast cancer claims the lives of scores of women around the globe. It’s estimated that in 2010 more than 1.3 million women worldwide will contract the disease and tens of thousands will die from it. Despite tens of millions spent on research the epidemic continues to grow and grim statistics remain a reality

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About the Breast Health & Healing Foundation
The Breast Health & Healing Foundation is a 501(3)(c)tax exempt non-profit foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to discover the specific causes of breast cancer and to use that knowledge to prevent the disease.