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One Woman’s Journey

Melinda Case Knight, CEO of Womentorz  shares her inspiring story on how she first discovered  lumps in her breast at the age of 24. Melinda is a strong and dedicated  advocate of women entrepreneurs and inventors.  Visit to see other inspiring inventors and their wonderful products.

Breast Cancer runs in my family, so it’s something I’ve always been aware of and passionate about. It wasn’t something though, at the age of 24, I was actively thinking about and looking for through self breast examinations. I just so happened to find two large lumps on my honeymoon only because you could physically see them striking fear in my husband thinkingMelinda Case Knight Womentorz that his new wife was going to have to fight cancer and ruining a time that should have been celebratory. I called my doctor during my honeymoon and scheduled an examination for the day after we returned from our trip. Needless to say, my doctor was concerned and immediately scheduled surgery to remove the lumps and have them tested. Luckily, the tests were benign and I could breath easy with an appreciation for self breast examination.

Jump twelve years later and The Breast Chek Kit becomes part of Womentorz with their lifesaving invention. I am so honored to have such an amazing woman and product part of this network of creative and innovative women.

What they are doing for women on an ongoing basis and so many areas of the business is just astounding and inspiring. They take such pride in the product not only in its function, but also in every aspect that goes into bringing a quality product to market that truly saves lives. The inventor is defining what “early detection” means and is making a positive impact on this world and women’s health.