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ABC News Anchor: “A Mammogram Saved My Life”

Sometimes, we are awakened in the middle of the night by dreams or needing a drink of water. But sometimes we are awakened by things that we carry deep in our hearts or things that are so heavy on our minds, like a new idea, or a vision that we can’t wait to write on paper.  In my case it was something more, something I like many others in the fight against breast cancer have been screaming for many years, “early detection of breast cancer can save your life”. Such a simple statement that’s been taken for granted for years but yet it is a call to action…take charge of your health. It’s been my personal mantra and that of this company for many, many years.

So when I heard that another ABC News Anchor, Amy Robach just 40 years old was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, my heart sank. Not because I know Amy personally, but because I know her story. It’s a story that I’ve heard countless times and my reaction is always the same…one of sadness and always a constant reminder that there is still so much more work to be done. Amy who was persuaded to have an on camera mammogram on GMA Good Morning America because she is 40 years old and it was breast cancer awareness month did the mammogram to encourage other women to do the same. What happened next is something that no one could have planned or predicted, and the beginning of a journey that I’m pretty certain she had not planned or wanted. Amy like many women, myself included get so busy with life, family and work that we don’t always take the time to take-care of ourselves… first.

As the Founder and CEO of this company and it’s products, it is my sincerest hope and prayer not only for Amy but that young women wake up, listen, take action, take charge of your health! If you’re 40 years old or older get a mammogram, do a breast self exam. It’s just that simple. Young women, take the time to learn more about breast health, you’re not to young to do that or do a breast self exam. I think I was awakened at 3am this morning to tell you that whether you use our product or not, you simply can not afford to do nothing. I’m no different than Amy, or you and the many women that get so caught up in everyday life, running a business and taking care of others that I forget at times to take care of myself or my health. So I send myself reminders on every communication device I own; annoying yes, life saving, for sure! Challenge yourself, get real about your health. It is the one thing that will for sure stop you dead in your tracks if you neglect it.

Last week with the help of some good friends we ran a campaign that showcased young African American women wearing our product, the Breast Chek Kit. The idea of that piece was to show that young women get breast cancer, and that African American women have the highest mortality rates of any other race of women from breast cancer. It was also to show that breast cancer has no face, it does not care about your race, what you do for a living, or if you’re rich or poor.

Listen to Amy’s story, it’s real, it’s now. You owe it to yourself and  those who love you to take care and take charge of your health. Until there is a cure for Breast Cancer, I will continue to stand on this soap box that early detection saves lives and I’ll forever and always believe that through education and with the Breast Chek Kit we can help take some of the fear and anxiety out of doing a breast self exam. Like I said above remind yourself of how important you are to YOU!