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The Breast Chek Kit Making Strides Against Breast Cancer With Catherines Stores

In Store Event Beads












Our in-store display with Catherine’s stores. Many have asked about the beaded necklace on our model. No it’s not a fashion statement.

The beads are an educational tool that we use while doing demonstrations by placing the beads under The Breast Chek Shirt to give women a sense of what a lump might feel like under skin and breast tissue. It also shows the various sizes of lumps that could be found.

The necklace consists of six different sizes of wood beads (two each except for the largest bead): 3 mm, 7 mm, 9 mm, 13 mm, 25 mm, and 37 mm.

• 3 mm bead represents the size of lump first found by a woman receiving a mammogram every year or two.

• 7 mm bead represents the size of a lump found on a woman’s first mammogram (if she had been procrastinating)

• 9 mm represents the size of a lump found by a health care provider giving a clinical breast exam (Probably Stage I tumor)

• 13 mm found by a woman who performs BSE’s every month (this can still be considered a Stage I tumor)

• 25 mm found by a woman who occasionally performs a self exam (Most likely a Stage II tumor)

• 37 mm found by a woman who rarely or never performs a self exam.

Doing a monthly breast self exam helps women become more familiar with their breast and having a routine mammogram starting at age 40 is your best defense for detecting abnormalities in the breast early.

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