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Is Having Breast Cancer Suddenly “In”?

Recently I ran across an article written by Journalist Beth Brody where she talked about her journey with Stage ll-B Breast Cancer. What struck me about this article was not just her personal  struggle and of once not being invited to a friend’s party because the wife thought her visibly ill look would diminish the “happy mood” of the event, but  one question that I too ask every October, “Is Having Breast Cancer Suddenly In or Cool?”

Every year in October we can not escape the onslaught in the Media from celebrities,  breast cancer organizations and seemingly a sea of products with the familiar pink ribbon endorsing breast cancer research. And, all of a sudden it’s  ok to be part of the “In or Cool” group of women fighting and surviving breast cancer.  But what happens on October 31st  when all the lights,  black tie events, fund raising, glitz and glamor is gone? Those that are in the battle know all to well that it is  24/7, 365 days of constant battle of hope over fear and daring to believe that one day there will be a cure.

Yes, it is most certainly great to have a national conversation and health-care initiatives about breast cancer! We gain strength and hope from hearing about how someone else is fighting the battle. But what it is not, is just a 30 day event. We have to keep that same drive and passion that so many seem to have during October,  every day! And, I couldn’t agree more with Beth Brody, and  Betty Rollin’s NY Times article about how she had recurring breast cancer and it was a time of loneliness that made her miserable that Cancer is definitely a club that nobody wants to join, it is not  “cool, hip or in”.

We must continue listening to stories of hope and the over sharing of  TMI (to much personal information) to help ourselves and help someone else. This website is dedicated to educating women about early detection 24/7, 365 days a year. Not just for the 30 days in October. And, to anyone who is not invited to any event because they have cancer,  it is truly their loss! This is not a friend that is capable of going on this journey with you.

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