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The Breast Health Diet


When researchers took a close look at the beverage choices of thousands of women, they found that women who regularly drank green tea lowered their risk of developing breast cancer by 12 percent. The more years and more often these women drank tea, the stronger was their protection from breast cancer. Tea contains powerful antioxidants, with the superstar being one called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Green and white teas, in particular, are packed with EGCG, although black and oolong teas also have some. EGCG deactivates harmful free radicals before they damage DNA and trigger cancerous changes.

But if you have breast pain or fibrocystic breast changes, you might consider avoiding methylxanthines, the family of caffeine and caffeine-like compounds in caffeinated coffee and tea (and in small amounts in chocolate). These can encourage painful breast cysts, says William Dunn, MD, from the West Michigan Cancer Center. If you’re quitting coffee and tea, be aware that it can take a few months for the pain to decrease or go away completely, notes Katherine Lee, MD, from Cleveland Clinic’s Breast Center.

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