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Womentorz The Real Women Inventors of America

Womentorz The Real Women Inventors of America

Melinda Knight has a passion for Women Inventors, she’s an Inventor, Wife and Mother herself! But, when she created Womentorz a group comprised of Women Inventors who are not just Inventors; they are Entrepreneurs, some are Wives, Moms, juggling husbands,  children and family,  but all are busy women running day to day businesses. Melinda envisioned a one stop shop for Women Inventors, a place where they could find inspiration, advice from each other and more. Melinda is always thinking of the next thing that could help the women that join Womentorz.

Melinda’s recent endeavor may just be one of her best ideas yet!  Womentorz presents The Real Women Inventors of America are women she will feature each week who aren’t waiting for financial backing or coveted license deals.   They’re taking matters into their own hands; accepting the risk for the chance of reward.  These are the REAL women inventors of America who will be documenting what it takes to not only be an inventor, but a successful entrepreneur. Each inventor will have a chance to meet with three professionals from the industry who bring unique perspectives and knowledge to help the inventors take their businesses to the next level.

The Breast Chek Kit was invented by a women and is a proud member of Womentorz! Show your support for Womentorz-The Real Women Inventors of America by following us on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and be sure to share with all of your friends!

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