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About Passionate About Pink




Passionate  About Pink Community Health & Wellness Expo is our signature event to provide Uninsured women FREE health screenings, mammograms and valuable information.

By Reaching One and Teaching One through our community events, we are educating women on the importance that Early Detection Saves Lives.

Through all of our events, we have 1 goal in mind, to provide the uninsured access to information, health screenings, and mammograms.

Performing a monthly Breast Self Exam is a choice. Not performing a monthly Breast Self Exam is throwing chance to the wind.

We are encouraging women to Be EMPOWERED, Be SMART, get to know your Breast! Perform a monthly Breast Self Exam.

We are making a difference, 1 woman at a time.

Any Woman can develop Breast Cancer!


Help us continue our mission by making a donation of any amount today.