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Programs & Services

Passionate About Pink continues to support and strengthen people throughout their journey with breast cancer by offering organized events and FREE services.

Programs & Services

The goal of our community outreach team is to increase awareness of the early detection of breast cancer throughout the United States and to spread the word about the benefits of NABCAF  and The Breast Chek Kit’s FREE services.  Our volunteers and staff members share information about our mission, programs, support groups and activities with business and civic organizations, healthcare providers, and clergy to educate and inform the community. Our  community outreach is more than the staff of NABCAF & The Breast Chek Kit, Inc. it is  the voices of our participants and supporters as well.  Everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer, so when you tell a friend about us, you’re a part of our outreach team, too! Our  community outreach is our way of letting people know that they are not alone and that we are here when they need us.

Health Fairs & Organized Events

Each year we host our signature event, Passionate About Pink Community Health & Wellness Expo. An event that brings together business and health care providers for a day of providing education and FREE screenings to anyone who needs help, and providing FREE mammograms to Uninsured women. Because of our current economic conditions, the Uninsured rate continues to grow exponentially. This event continues to attract large crowds of individuals from all walks of life.

Support Groups

Many people facing cancer may wonder how a support group could be helpful to them, imagining that a group will be a forum involving only the exchange of “sad stories”.  For most people, however, being part of a group is an extraordinarily positive experience, providing an essential component to medical treatment. We provide casual fun gatherings of people at various locations to let those facing breast cancer know that they are not alone. We host gatherings lead by volunteer facilitators from other breast cancer support organizations to give group participants the time to talk about what is going on with them or their loved ones, others benefit by simply listening.

Most use a support group as a place to explore problem-solving strategies, resources, and methods for coping with symptoms of illness, side-effects of treatment, and the daily impact of breast cancer.  Overall, feedback from those who have attended these outings indicate that the experience provided a tremendous source of support and decreased feelings of isolation but more importantly,  hope for the future.

Our Future: 2019-2020 Cooking & Wellness Series

Many experts suggest selecting activities that are comfortable and enjoyable. For people experiencing breast cancer, and other cancers, maintaining a wellness plan is a vital part of improving physical and psychological well being. Benefits of a fitness regime include, lean muscle mass, decreased fatigue and nausea and improvement of natural defense mechanisms, mood, self esteem and quality of life.  In addition,  by promoting a healthy lifestyle with whole foods.  Coming in Fall 2019-2020, we will begin to offer our cooking and wellness series and many other exciting programs and services.