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FAQ’s About The Breast Chek Kit Shirt

The Breast Chek Kit

Q. Why should I do a breast self exam?

A regular breast self-exam can help you know how your breasts normally look and feel, so you will notice any changes.

When you find a change, you should see your health care provider. Most breast cancer lumps are not cancerous according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, but only a health care provider can advise you for sure. Early detection of any lumps allows you to have more treatment options and a better chance of recovery. A breast self exam does not take the place of getting an annual mammogram.

Q. What am I looking for when I do a breast self-exam?

When you put on your E-Z Self Breast Chek Shirt, you are looking and feeling for a lump or any change that is different from the rest of your breast tissue. Because the shirt is form fitting and very sheer, your breast tissue is enhanced so any abnormalities can be seen right away. Then by following the diagram and rotating the fingers where the semi circles are located, you will feel if there are any lumps immediately.

If you find a lump or any other change in your breast during your exam and the other breast feels lumpy as well, this could be normal. As you get to know your breast by doing self-exams, you should be able to tell the difference between lumpiness and what may be different. As always, notify your physician when you find anything unusual.

Besides a lump or swelling, other changes could be; skin irritation or dimpling, nipple pain or nipple turning inward, redness or scaliness of the nipple or breast area, and a discharge other than breast milk are clear signs that you should notify your health care provider immediately.

Q. How Often Should I do a Breast Self Exam (BSE)?

A breast self-exam is recommended every month a few days after your period ends. During this time, your breasts are less tender or swollen. If you no longer have a period, choose a time each month to do the breast self-exam. It is important to do your breast self-exam at the same time every month. The enclosed calender and place for dates and notes in your kit will help you keep track.

Women in their 20’s, and 30’s should have a clinical exam every 3 years.Women in their 40’s should have a mammogram annually.

Women who have a generational risk of Breast Cancer should be checked more frequently. Ultra Sound and an MRI are additional methods used for screening.

Performing a monthly BSE is the best way to get to know your breast and find abnormalities earlier than not doing anything at all.

Q. I have very large breast, will the shirt fit me?

Yes, The garment will stretch to accomodate very large breasts, such as KK cup sizes and band sizes above 50. The larger the breasts the normal tendency is for them to sag. The shirt also covers that as well. Because of the light lycra in the shirt, it will hold the breast tissue in place.

Q. Can I wash the garment?

Yes, wash the garment in cool or cold water and lay flat to dry.

Q. How Can I Stand Up To Cancer?

By purchasing The Breast Chek Kit, you are taking a stand against breast cancer by becoming more educated about your breasts. By performing a monthly breast self exam, you are taking a stand. By giving the kit as gift you are taking a stand. 10% of every purchase goes to Cancer research.

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