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Why use The Breast Chek Kit?

The most effective way to fight breast cancer is to detect it early! The Breast Chek Kit takes the guess work out of how to perform a  monthly self breast exam accurately & consistently.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Easy to use tracing and tracking method.

  • Following the diagram ensures all lymph nodes and breast tissue are covered.

  • Lymph Node Area

  • Marking on the shirt allows for easy tracking and monitoring of any changes in the breast tissue monthly.

  • Fits and feels like a second skin.

  • Covers all sizes of breast tissue.

  • Allows visually impaired women to perform a breast self exam with ease.

  • Great teaching tool for teens who have more developed breast tissue to learn about their breast and  the importance of  breast health.

  • Makes doing a breast self exam comfortable.

  • Allows women of various religious beliefs to remain clothed while doing the exam.

  • Allows you to “show” your physician how you perform your exam and exactly where any abnormalities may have been located.

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