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Early Detection Saves Lives!

Early Detection Plan:

  • Beginning at the age of 20: Performing a Breast Self Exam! The Breast Chek Kit can show you how.

  • Age 20-39: Scheduling a Clinical Breast Exam every 3 years.

  • By the Age of 40: Have a baseline mammogram and an annual clinical breast exam.

  • Age 40-49: Having a mammogram every one to two years depending on medical and/or family history.

  • Ages 50 and older: Having a mammogram every year.

  • All Ages:

The Breast Chek Kit™ can help you learn how to properly perform your monthly breast self exam. By marking on the garment and recording your results on the enclosed calendar, you are ensuring that you and your physician are up to date on exactly when your problem started.

Additionally, maintaining a healthy weight, following a low fat diet, getting regular exercise, no smoking, reducing caffeine and alcohol consumption ensures increased protection.

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