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Joining any kind of social media campaign is a big decision and one I don’t take lightly. I’m very excited about Carol’s Daughter ‪#‎BornandMade‬ and ‪#‎IamthatGirl‬ campaign because it’s about Empowering girls to love themselves, removing the negativity, judgments, self-doubt that as a girl we’ve all dealt with at some point in our lives.

For me, it means Empowering girls to Take Charge of Their Health which is at the core of our mission and what The Breast Chek Kit [a tool that teaches girls how to do a breast self-exam & learn about their breast] was created to do. As Girls we are bombarded with mixed messages about looks and image-consciousness to epidemic proportions to the point for some of being ashamed or feeling guilty as their body and breast begin to change…regardless of age. Breast Cancer for women creates such stigma for many, even today. By joining in this campaign I am taking another step to Empower girls and women to say “You are Beautiful, You are Enough, Just as you are.”

If I could tell every girl or woman in the World 1 thing… it would be to “Believe in your own self-worth… you are worthy to be loved, dream big, learn to be happy with yourself, You are Enough” I AM LINDA, I AM GERALDINE’S DAUGHTER and #IAMTHATGIRL…#BORNandMADE

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